New Digi

Here are all the new images in one quick place for you


Progressive Challenge # 6 - Round 3

We are on our Round 3 progressive challenge (#6)
If you missed the freebie you'll have to buy back in the challenge for only  $1.00  or you can just buy into the challenge and start playing

Each  Round Last 1 Month 15th to the 13th  with a winner  
1st Round - Free Digi Till the 29th of the month. Then you can but into the challenge for $1.00
2nd Round - Free Digi ( if you played Round 1 and created Something)  or you can buy into the challenge for Only $1.00 June 15 -July 13th
3rd Round - Free Digi ( if you played Round 2 and created Something)  or you can buy into the challenge for Only $1.00 July 15th - Aug 13th
Have fun
Email Entries are excepted in this challenge send them to me with a link to your blog and I'll add you into the challenge
hugs Nikki

New Digis

5 New Digi To play with !!

Mini Birds - 11-20
Check out HANK !!! isn't he just a STUD !!! lol
Have a wonderful day 
hugs Nikki


Progressive Challenge Images

Here they all are for you Our Progressive images just in case you missed one and wanted to get it super quick

Rules for challenge - Must use image that is that month
Have fun with it !!

This is where you will buy which ever progressive image is going on at the moment for only $1.00
that way you can't miss out if you want to play along.
If you buy into the challenge and play you will get the next image for FREE !!!

Progressive Image - "Mini Owl 1"


Challenge Images #6 - Full Price

Challenge Images #1-5 - Full Price

You Must join the Face book Group to see all the entries (email accepted)
This will last for 3 months and their will be a grand prize winner at the end of it all and Be the lucky Grand Prize Title owner.

For those that email images to play
Please send me a Photo and link to where you have posted so we can give you a little Hi others can check out your work if you don't have a blog don't worry just send a photo and I'll add you in.

Challenge #5 
you must now buy into this round if you didn't play in round 4

to get the next freebie!!

IF you don't have Facebook you can email a Link to your page and the image and I'll be happy to add you into the contest 

Winners will be posted here too for my friends that don't FB :)
Round 1
Challenge 1 Winner .... Deanna Cheatham Blackmon
Challenge 2 Winner .... Terri Belkin
Challenge 3 Winner .....Random snail mail prize Chris Mcbulb
Random digi winner Suze -EMAIL entry
Just because favom
Favorite 1 digi  Faith Anderson

Round 2
Challenge 4 Winner June 15th
Challenge 5 Winner - July 15th
Challenge 6 - Winner - Aug 15th

Happy Crafting

hugs Nikki

Newest digi Stamps !!!

These are the Newest Images Available I'll sort them into where they belong Soon I hope :)
There Are Pull Down Menus Under the images 


New March

New March



Mini Birds

Mini Bird Collection is Growing and there are NEW HALLOWEEN fun Images to play with
don't worry Christmas will be coming along shortly and some fun everyday stuff too so keep checking out all the antics that these MINI Birds will be getting into



Mini Birds - 11-20

Mini Birds - 21-30


Birds,Owls,and their Houses all in one place
You can never have enough Birds in your collection there is something 
here for every season 

Get all 5 Birdhouses for Only $7.50

BIRDS 1-10

Birds 1-10

BIRDS 11-20

Birds 11-20
Birds - 21-30

Birds 21-30

Birds 31-40
Get All 3 Elmo Digi for Only $4.00

Birds 41-50